nO mooRe

"Simple and short but well done"
"Beatiful, disturbing and arty"
"we need more devs (and artists) like you..."
"more like this please"

Short and disturbing game about a girl who is not allowed to follow her dreams of painting.

Her name is Moore and she is in one room that does not change, but time does...

  • Type Point & Click
  • Genre Horror
  • Playtime 10 min


"Beautiful ending with very nice music."
"Really enjoyed the experience."
"I enjoyed the experience a lot."
"What is this game abaal t?"
"Well things took an unexpected turn rather quickly!"

Disembodied explores one of human kind’s deepest and darkest places.

Inspired by Harlan Ellison’s I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream.

  • Type Visual Novel
  • Genre Sci-Fi Horror
  • Playtime 15 min


"I think I need a cig’ after this"
"Well… that was horrifying."
"Wow. That was an experience, way to go."
"I need a cigarette after this game, chilling!!"
"One word: 2spooky4me"

Help Detective Pendguest to catch a horrible killer called "The Surgeon" in this short and disturbing point & clicker.

Best with your headphones on.

  • Type Point & Click
  • Genre Horror
  • Playtime 20 min